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15+ ACTIVE Raw Organic Amazon Jungle Honey From Brazil 227g

15+ ACTIVE Raw Organic Amazon Jungle Honey From Brazil 227g

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Antibiotic medical grade honey equal to 17+ TA MGO 631 manuka honey.

In September 2022 this won a Two-Star Great Taste Award from the UK Guild of Fine Food. Known as the "oscars" of the fine food world, thousands of food products enter the annual Great Taste awards but only very few win two-star awards. Read on for the judges' comments.


227g net weight in a glass jar

  • The world's first bioactive honey from the Amazon rainforest in Brazil. A tastier and affordable alternative to manuka honey.

  • Lab certified 17.0 antibacterial Total Activity (see certificate).

  • Equal to TA 17+ MGO 631 manuka honey which costs up to $76.79 a jar.

  • Why spend $76.79 on a 250g jar of Comvita manuka 15+ honey when you can get a tastier 15+ honey for less?

  • From bees feeding in the Amazon rainforest, the most biodiverse region on the planet. 

  • Raw (unpasteurised), none of the pollen has been filtered out

  • Certified organic GB-ORG-04

  • Crystallised, with tasting notes of smoked tropical fruits and an aftertaste of papaya

The judges who awarded this honey a Two-Star Great Taste Award described it:

"This honey is thick and crystalline in texture and appearance. The aroma on the nose is distinctly of forest floor which follows through on the palate. The floral and leafy flavours linger on the palate with great length."

"A thick, granular honey. On the nose this promises a lot and doesn't disappoint on the palate: the aromas are highly perfumed and aromatic, and every sense is heightened."

"What an experience. It has a wonderful chew and deep, complex floral character that persists and opens out with length and made us all very happy! A unique, special product."

Read on for more details about the origin, taste and uses of this crystallised honey.



The Amazon jungle is the world's largest tropical rainforest. It is the lifeblood of the world’s largest ecosystem that spans about two-fifths of the South American continent. More than half all the plant species on the plant are found in the Amazon jungle. It is known as the lungs of the planet due to the amount of oxygen it releases into the atmosphere.

To date, at least 40,000 plant species, 427 mammals (e.g. jaguar, anteater and giant otter), 1,300 birds (e.g. harpy eagle and toucan), 378 reptiles (e.g. anaconda), more than 400 amphibians (e.g. dart poison frog) and around 3,000 freshwater fishes including the piranha have been found in the Amazon.

The pollen composition of this honey is:

97% pink Mimosa silk tree

3% other



Tasting notes: Smoked tropical fruits and an aftertaste of papaya

[Note: This honey does NOT contain any trace of fruit; it is pure, natural honey.]

Texture: Partially fine crystallised set honey  

Aroma: Intensely perfumed jungle aroma

Sweetness: medium


In accordance with EU directive 1924/2006 we are unable to make any health claim about any of our honeys. The information given below is either background information about the plants from which our honey comes, or anecdotal based on customer reviews. It should not be inferred from the plant properties that this honey automatically possesses the same qualities or provides the same benefits as the plant.

The pink Mimosa silk tree has been used medicinally by Mayan civilisations for over 1000 years to relieve a wide range of conditions and ailments.

The pink Mimosa silk tree has been used in Chinese remedies for nearly 2000 years as a natural calming herb. It is known as the "tree of happiness" or the "happiness herb."

There is scientific research based support for the use of the Mimosa tree to relieve worry, stress and sleep issues.

[See Jung JW et al. Effect of chronic Albizzia julibrissin treatment on 5-hydroxytryptamine1A receptors in rat brain. Pharmacol Biochem Behav . 2005;81(1):205-210.]

In fact, a pharmacoepidemiologic study in Taiwan in 2002 found that the Mimosa tree was the third most commonly prescribed Chinese herbal remedy for treating sleep problems.

[Chen FP et al. Prescriptions of Chinese Herbal Medicines for Insomnia in Taiwan during 2002. Evid Based Complement Alternat Med . 2009 Apr 1]

This honey can be used like ordinary honey but is best taken as a teaspoon of this honey mixed into a glass of cool or warm (not hot) water and drunk three times a day on an empty stomach.


Note: unless where specifically mentioned, none of these statements have been clinically proven in scientific trials and none of these statements constitute a claim as to any health benefit. Please contact us for links to the various scientific studies cited in these statements.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Tara M.
Delightful and delicious

I really enjoyed this honey! Used as instructed and incorporated it into my morning routine for optimal health and wellness. Shipment arrived promptly and items were well packaged. Thank you!

Lisa z.L. (Stuart, United States)
Nothing like it!

The Amazon Jungle Honey is a taste of the divine. Honestly, there’s no honey that compares.

Lisa (London, United Kingdom)
Excellent Raw Healthy Honey

This honey really does benefit the health and tackles infection rapidly. The best part of course, is that there are no nasty side affects that prescribed antibiotics can cause, and the flavour is delicious! I used it to treat an ear and throat infection with rapid results.

Ruhal (London, United Kingdom)
Easily my new favourite

I go through phases with these honey. This is my new phase. I spread this generously over my toast and keep a little extra at the tip of my spreading knife to treat my morning tastebuds. This jungle honey is a new layer of sweet adjacent to the golden pilosa and the orange blossom. I couldn’t figure out the flavour but papaya sounds about right. I was thinking pineapple when I first had it but the sweet kind, not the tangy. Either way, luxurious ❤️

m s. (Rochdale, United Kingdom)
My Honies

Excellent buy and eat as much as u can all are tasty

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